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Abstract and Figures

The phenomenon of prostitution is an important determinant for marriage, divorce, intra-family bargaining power, and polygamous activity, and has been a touchstone of government regulation. R ecently, new communications technologies have changed the industrial organization of prostitution suppliers, potentially expanding this underground market in developed countries.

We describe the institutions of prostitution as they exist in developed countries and how technology has affected these institutions. We describe several databases researchers can employ to study modern prostitution and we illustrate the value of these data with several empirical analyses, including a hedonic valuation of prostitute characteristics and services, an analysis of the effects of an important change in the regulation of prostitute advertisement, and an estimate of the marital and family characteristics of technology-facilitated prostitutes.

Age Distribution of Prostitution Arrests, and Relative Popularity of TheEroticReview. Content may be subject to copyright. Public Full-text 1. Content ed by Anthony Scott Cunningham.

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Author content. Cunningham: Department of Economics, Baylor University. Kendall: Co mpass Lexecon. All errors ar e the responsibility of the authors. While variously encouraged, sa nctioned, prohibited, and taxed in different societies under. For m en, prostitutes may be eith er economic. For women. Despite the importance of the phenomenon, economic analysis of sex work is in its infancy.

There have been some theoretical advances, but a fuller understanding of the phenomenon of. Moreover, the extant.


For an overview of the case for legaliza tion, see Nussbaum ; Dworkin and. All too often overlooked is the la rge population of indoor workers:. St udies of outdoor workers in developed. Other analyses of out door prostitution in develope d countries include Reynolds.

Thes e technologies have facilitated a substantial indoor market for. In this chapter, we begin by outlining the m ajor in stitu tions involved in this market, then turn our. First, we show that availabl e law enforcement data is primarily lim ited to studying outdoor. We then describe and analyze a large dataset collected from a website where customers. We illustrate the value of these data to.

We also show how. Next, we explore the value of data on prosti tution advertisements posted on popular websites. These have recently raised a of im portant. W e show that these data can be used to illust rate highly-localized, high. To illustrate the.

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Finally, we explore the use of di rect surveys of sex workers. We show that these can provide.

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We conclude this chapter with a call for furthe r research on prostitution in developed countries. Institutions in Modern Prostitution.

Both outdoor and indoor prostitution have long histor ies in the United States and other countries. In this section, we describe th e basic institutions associated with prostitution markets in.

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In addition, we undertook a numbe r of informative ethnographic. In most locations in the United States, exchangi ng money or other valuable goods for sex is, and. The statutory excepti ons are certain rural counties in Nevada, where. In ot her developed countries, such. Despite statutory similarities within the United S tates, there appears to be wide variation both. Reynolds discusses a variety of po licy responses used by U.

In cities with ov erburdened police forces, or in cities in which. In other cities, by.

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Many other cities lie on a continuum between these endpoints, including those where zoning. Through this type of segregation, cities atte mpt to address public nu isance externalities by. As we argue below, the arrival of new technolog ies has changed the market for prostitution, and.

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Just how police will respond to thes e changes is. Vertical Integration.

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The provision of prostitution services involve s su bstantial costs, both pecuniary and non. No doubt this is why in the Gene ral Social Survey, onl y around 2 percent of. American women adm it to having engaged in pr ostitution at a ny point in their lives Smith.

Offering sex for compensation, espe cially repeatedly, exposes the prostitute to a heightened. W hile the availability of birth control has reduced the. Moreover, prostitutes face th e potential for arrest and imprisonment, and a. This approach to policing. See Murphy and Venkatesh and Bernst ein for evidence of police activities.

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Most research on the link between prostitu tion and STIs has found drug use and prostitu tion. If discovered by.

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Giusta, Tommaso and Strom,including the lower marriage m arket opportunities that. Edlund and Korn identify as a cr ucial opportunity cost driving wages. While many of these costs are unavoidable, the industrial organization of the prostitution m arket. Like all busine sses, prostitutes m ust advertise to potential. Moreover, like other. Fi nally, since pros titutes cannot. Prostitutes choose a level of vert ical integration in which they either perform these activities on.

In a typical ve rtical arrange ment, the prostitute de legates at. At the other e nd of the spectrum are ve rtically-disintegrated. For independent outdoor workers, advertisement generally means physical presence on street.

A potential.

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Since open bargaining on the street is likely to at tract unwanted attention from police, the initial. Outdoor workers may attempt to build reputation by appearing frequently at the same location. Customers who have received quality service in the p ast can then. However, maintaining such.

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Some screening does occur, however. This of course does not help to screen out violent clients. All of these factors raise the re lative value of vertical integr ation for outdoor sex workers.

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