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After 30 hours of deliberations the Jury in the Joey Merlino trial told the judge they are deadlocked. So a mistrial was declared and Joey "Skinny Joey" Merlino is a free man.

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JR Rubeo, the governm For the last 3 weeks I've asked 27 different Sales of soda in the U. Consumers are saying no to full calorie sugar laden soda and kids are to. In Coca Cola had different soda products it sold around the world, to combat changing taste they now have Wilton Manors Lesbians celebrate In March of the New Moon bar closed in Wilton Manors leaving local lesbians with no bar to call thei r own. I got a call from a few city residents who were thrilled in February when a new lesbian bar opened.

But our Florida leaders are blind to it due to contributions from the FPL monopoly to their campaigns. A recent testing at a local condo in NPB called Paradise Harbour showed levels that are catastrophic to residents. Anything above could be harmful to you.

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The meter room was emitting peak levels atand averaging levels of 12, twenty four hours a day. A unit located above the meter room had measurements that peaked at 3, and averaged 1, hourly. That condo unit is a death trap thanks to FPL.

Other condo units located away from the Smart Meter room had peak levels of and average levels of FPL is cooking residents every day and our leaders are doing nothing.

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Major media is refusing to run this tragic story due to fear of loosing FPL advertising dollars. If you live in a condo these waves must pass thru concrete, steel and your body to get to FPL antennas. That is why governments have banned them. Beards are often used by politicians to fool voters.


Most said it wouldn't see 2 years. The marriage lasted 21 months. Lynn Aronberg filed for divorce and cited some interesting things that made sense to many in the gay community.

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She then started talking to media. The Feds know him as Robert Charles Armstrong.

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He was caught, charged and convicted of importing and distributing cocaine in Palm Beach County. He was using jet skis to unload coke from boats and bring it to shore, then selling it for the profits. He was not busted for small quantity, but rather 85 kilos. He was convicted of 12 drug charges and served almost 10 years in prison.

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He went to prison in and got out in The cheating Prime Minister Last year over fraternity and sorority chapters at over 50 U. The summer jobs are gone Totally false. Over 1 million teenagers complained they could not find a job, mostly because they were competing with adults for entry level jobs. Government took more than burglars A lifetime of donations That amount does not include whatever Hillary raises for this Presidential run.

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She was the greatest Madame that ever lived. Located in Paris, her clients were dictators, diplomats, he of state, titans of industry, millionaire athletes and drug kingpins from across the globe. She was imprisoned at a concentration camp because of fighting with the French Resistance against German occupation during World War II. After the war she moved to Paris and tried to be a real estate agent and door-to-door Bible saleswoman.

Only after he undressed and clamored towards me naked, then began tearing at my clothes did I finally understand what they had been discussing — in which order to rape me.

Neither could keep a roof over her head so she became an escort, then her friend offered to give her control of a small call girl service. It is alleged she worked at various times for every spy agency in the western world. She took failed actresses and models, coiffed, polished and forced them to study English and poetry.

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When women interviewed to work for her she would simply grab their handbags, empty them out and judge them by what was inside. Soda kick is over They had less than 30 earthquakes in They have been letting Fracking go wild since Oklahoma had more than earthquakes in The earthquakes are being generated in areas where injection wells pump salty wastewater deep into the earth.

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State Rep. Cory Williams said the powerful oil and gas lobby has stopped lawmakers from taking any steps to regulate the industry. Now under a bill pushed by the industry that Gov. Mary Fallin ed into law last year, cities and towns will no longer be able to regulate oil and gas operations within their boundaries. A similar bill was ed into law in Texas.

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Stay tuned. Not having the cash to pay it Pearson had no choice but to sell 1. The greatest Crossdresser performer in history It all started with an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in Jim Bailey left us last year at 77, he was a great one.

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Have you heard about I've seen a lot of bars open and close. But I've never seen a bar story like this one. After midnight the place was a Cop bar frequented by two types of people, cops and girls who like cops.

Then Buddy died suddenly on July 11, He isn't due out until So Stacey arrived on the scene and met with employees who encouraged her to keep the bar open. She agreed to uproot her life as a mother and take on the project.


It was an uphill battle all the way. First, led by Riviera Beach Councilwoman Dawn Pardo, the city took away the 5amsending a huge piece of business Cops like to have a beer after their shift out of town to Foster's, even though the Riviera Chief of Police stated there had been few incidents or calls to the bar. He knew it was frequented by his Cops but refused to state the obvious, recognizing there was a witch hunt taking place.

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Without the 5am Stacey powered on with the sheer force of will that her father had. She moved the bar to a new location under the Sands Hotel. Pierce to Miami to bring in fresh new live bands, did every promotion possible and rebuilt the bar and its client base into a business that was finally making it after 2 years of hard work.

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Meanwhile Shain Meeink, a well known bartender on Singer Island for 20 years at Buddy's managed the bar and the late night crowd came back, albeit from midnite to 2am. But Danny became obsessed with getting more money, harassing her at every turn with demands.

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As the pressure from him grew she stopped responding to his many threats. Then things got really weird. In September of when Stacey showed up to the Probate meeting for her fathers Will, she was told by Brian O'Connell that he was Danny's new attorney, he had filed suit against her and that Probate attorney John Morrisey was to take over the bar as Curator.

He would be seizing and controlling the bank for Buddy's. This fight dragged on until January of when the court approved the takeover. This claim was idiotic to those who knew the situation at Buddy's, as there were only small marginal profits if any up to that point.

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