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The likely purpose of the map was to serve as a guide for personnel and others who lived or worked on the base. During the Vietnam War, the U. Army used the base as a logistics and command center.

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The base was a kind of island for U. A virtual city of some 60, people at its height, Long Binh Post had dental clinics, large restaurants, snack bars, a photo lab, a wood shop, post offices, swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, a golf driving range, laundromats, and even a Chase Manhattan Bank branch. It had a nightlife scene, as well. Among the offerings were a bowling alley, nightclubs, and other so-called adult entertainment establishments. L6 Those initials, however, were used to mean Long Binh Jail.

My father was a Lt. He retired from the U. Army back inwent back to college, and started a new and successful career.

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He died this past January. I have old reel-to-reel audiotapes that my parents recorded and mailed back and forth to each other while he was stationed at Long Binh.

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For that time period, I would have to say that Long Binh was modeled after most large military bases, containing recreational opportunities to distract you from the fact that you were counting the days until you could return home. Unlike the military bases in Germany, for example, there was no family housing at Long Binh because Vietnam was a war zone.

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My husband was stationed at Binh Thuy, a much smaller base that lacked most of the niceties of Long Binh. At Binh Thuy, my husband witnessed the prevalence of heavy drug abuse among the enlisted ranks and was relieved to return stateside in after 7 months in country. The Vietcong hit the base ammo dump with mortar rounds, resulting in the destruction and abandonment of the base. Your comments are appreciated.

Slut Websites Scott AFB

Their is [ protected]. My brother was stationed here but would never talk about it. Drafted at 27 finishing up his degree at our university, full time job. My father was LT. Gordon L. Locke on base. He was an MP officer If any of his buddies remember him I would love to hear from you.

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The jail was indeed referred to as LBJ. If you are curious about those writings by veterans, please contact me and I can share some of titles with you. Did anyone in here whose were in LongBinh, BienHoa around to or know someone who was there.

PLease post. I served at Long Binh in 67 and I was in the U. Army, th MP Co. I was a Sentry dog handler and psyroled the ammunition dump at night. I have photos of the base and dump. I was in long bin in 70 and 71 with 66 engineers. I worked in the map depot. Never saw a bowling alley, wood shop or any of the other things mentioned.

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There were some clubs to. Never heard post called LBJ. Went lots of other places in country too. Now disabled due to agent orange. On the map it was in the lower area about yards east of the Generals Compound. There was, however, a civilian contractors billeting area located in the area about the center of the map that was referred to as RMK-LBJ RMK being the initials of that major contractor I wish the map were larger so that I could locate several of the base facilities on it.

How could I get a digital copy of the map? I cannot enlarge the map as it is displayed here so that I can read it.

Singles in Scott AFB Illinois, USA

Anyone out there who remembers the detained VC lineup outside the main gate by the barber shop the morning after tet? Remember when the VC blew up the ammo bunker? Not sure which company and battalion I belonged to while there, can anyone help? LBJ was the major jail facility in Vietnam for military prisoners convicted or waiting for trial. I was on the North perimeter of facing the cemetery to the left and a village to the right. We were in a fire fight all night.

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I was on top of a 20ft conax with sand bags for cover as I was being used as a sniper at that time Jan, I was picking off cong comming out of the tunnels being used in the cemetery. The head stones were 4 to 5 ft high. I thought I was going to be over run.

Singles in Scott AFB Illinois, USA

I was left with no radio but I stocked up on ammo. I was the only one there atop of conax. It was getting so bad I had to start shooting flares directly into cemetery. I thank God I did, as I caught the attention of an apache and when they saw what was going on they called another apache and 2 smokies, they are 1 man choppers with 2 30 Caleb gatlin guns and 6 rocketes on each side they were 25 yrs in front of me.

I was only 19yrs old scared and excited and full of adrinilyn at the same time as this went on till the sun came upthe enemy had gone Back into tunnel and then I was blown of of my post. It must have shot me another 12 to 15ft in the air, my ears were ringing I was disoriented and hit the ground all in slow motion, I kept saying to myself when am I gona hit the ground.

I hit the ground and still had my m14 auto in my hands. Then I looked at the gate to the road it was still chained and saw people running at me. I raised my wepon and was going to start shooting, but something was out of place as they got really close I saw no weapons and then there were woman men and childrenI that split sec I said there running away from the cong and looking to take refuge by my gate.

I was able to talk with a few with my broken veitmanse and discovered that they were hiding in the village and was all sitting in circles when the 16 inch shells landed all around them.

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This was one night of many during and after TET Offensive. Many thanks. Dunn, I would love to see your photos. Our company area was directly across the road from the main gate of The LBJ. One of our many jobs was to set up ambush points outside the wire of the Ammo Dump.

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Have you checked out the web site: th Military Police Reunion Association? There is a dedicated to and about The th.

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It has photos of the scout dogs and Handlers. I was with the st Transportation Co. I drove a 5 ton and hauled mostly ammo all over Vietnam.

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I had my 21st B. His dog was named Arko. Looking for any info, photos etc. TET January 31st.

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Lost most Long Lines 1st Sig Bn. About 3AM got pretty wild. LBJ was the jail.

Scott AFB IL Sluts

In my time we had no swimming pool, bowling alley, or any of the other creature comfort things listed above. It was pretty wild around there. I lived in a tent my first three months. Never had a hot shower or running water, we pissed in a tube sticking out of the ground and had two hole outhouses.

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