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La Plata High School.

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Defined in articles as one of the best high schools in the US and the best public school in southern Maryland. It is white people galore at La Plata and the only sports we can win are White people sports!

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But I digress, yeah Tons and tons and tons of STD's and lots and lots of of daddy's girls and boys running around in cars that cost more than all of St. Mary's County while putting their face in a coke bag and tokin a doobie. Yessir that's La Plata. But if you ever think you see a La Plation If you said yes to all of that, then you just might have one.


Chill a sec I gots to get ma dutch bag from the Beamer. Ugh like La Plata High School has so much drama.

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But atleast I have money! My parents said I can't go to Aruba if I get caught 3 more times.

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Andrea Rockefeller: Blowwwwnnn. The school that is one of the worst in the terrible Charles county of Maryland.

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They are a bunch of white ass broke boys who think they are rich because their daddy pays for them to have Corvettes and they live in the luxorious Swan Point. This school is full of the coke smoking acid doing crackhe who can't keep their he straight enough not to threaten to shoot up the school.

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Hated by all other schools for the causing of backpacks being taken away because of too many Glocks being brought in. Oh, shit he went to La Plata High School. He must be a dick.

It's absolutely whores galore at Laplata High School. Where rich white boys run around with too much money and talk shit about other football teams when their record has consistently been The football players at Laplata are all Laplata high school has an extreme variety of student ranging from the rednecks from the deep south to the dirty ass whores from your local community garbage disposal.

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The only sports that are excelled at in La Plata are Expect La Plata to contain the meager amount of African American men always causing trouble and a asian running around shaving off his eyebrows. La plata high school.

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Drugs drugs drugs!

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