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At least the story is well written.


Insert motherly sarcasm here. I heard the same snippet from one of the investigating officers repeated for 2 days, wherein he admits that he "knows porn when he sees it.

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Much more fun to think about all that mid-school lesbianne smut. I know it when I see it. Post a Comment.

New Mexico

It's always fun in an infuriating kind of way to have a sexpanic unfold before one's eyes or ears. Well, that happened today.

This, of course, means that -- on Wednesdays -- StinkyLulu listens to a lot of talk radio. This Wednesday, the following story was burning up the local airwaves It's pasted in its entirety cuz it's not available yet for linkage.

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According to a Sandoval County sheriff's supplemental narrative, two female students were caught kissing and engaging in other sexual acts during second lunch hour. They were being videotaped by a male student. The students' ages were not available; the mid-high serves eighth- and ninth-graders.

New Mexico Sluts

Sheriff's deputy Joe Harris said he was called to assist Rio Rancho Mid-High's school resource officer Joe Chavez with a situation involving a very irate parent, the supplemental report says. The parent was upset because her daughter was caught participating in a lesbian sex video, the report says.

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When the woman asked her daughter how long she had been engaging in lesbian acts, the girl replied "since sixth grade" because her mother didn't let her go out with boys, the report says. Assistant principal Donna Stotts told the woman that some students had video cameras because they were doing a project for journalism class, according to the report.

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Stotts told the woman the tape and camera in question had been locked in a desk and would be turned over to Rio Rancho police as evidence. Rio Rancho Public Schools spokeswoman Kim Vesely confirmed Tuesday an incident involved students videotaping inappropriate behavior, and that it resulted in suspensions.

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Vesely said she could not comment further because it is a disciplinary incident. No charges have been filed at this time. But Sandoval County District Attorney Lemuel Martinez said the incident could result in felony charges for violations of New Mexico's Sexual Exploitation of Children statute, even though the students are minors.

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Rio Rancho Deputy Police Chief Steve Shaw said that once the investigation was complete, the file would be sent to the state Juvenile Probation Office to determine whether charges will be filed. Copyright Albuquerque Journal So. The citizens of the greater Albuquerque area were all aflutter about this -- using this situation as a springboard for righteous pronouncements about all society's ills: public schools are a menace; whatsamatter with kids today; those hollywood degenerates; homosexuality is ruining this country; when did schoolgirls start offering hummers The usual.

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But as things went on, the whole fandango became an example of how this culture uses "sex acts" to describe identity without even being able to name what those "sex acts" are. Never mind that this sounds like a midschooler filming his own entry into the hugely successful "Girls Gone Wild" video ouevre. Never mind that one radio host spent his morning breathlessly grilling year old callers on the details of sexual behavior they had witnessed at their school.

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Never mind that another whined for hours about how girls never hummed when he was in school. And the only local female host clucked squeamishly wondering when 14 year olds started being lesbians.

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Like two babydykes in love would do anything in front of a teenboy's camera. Ironically, the last time this school was in the news it was when they suspended a kid for trying to stop his own farting.

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And when Dick Cheney spoke there the same week his daughter Mary's lesbianism became a campaign issue. But now, it's the week of the Jackson verdict, and the continuing obsession with that missing Aruba girl, and stories like this continue to enthrall the masses.

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No harm, right? I mean, it's not like there's a war going on or anything Posted by StinkyLulu at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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